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The Do’s and Don’ts of Setting the Right Asking Price

Setting the right asking price for your home is a critical decision when selling your property. Price it too high, and you risk scaring away potential buyers; price it too low, and you might leave money on the table. To help you navigate this crucial step, here are some do’s and don’ts for setting the right asking price.


1. Research the Market: Begin by researching the current real estate market in your area. Look at recent sales of comparable properties to understand the price range your home should fall within.

2. Consult with a Real Estate Agent: Seek the guidance of a qualified real estate agent who has local market expertise. They can provide a comparative market analysis (CMA) to help you determine a competitive asking price.

3. Price Strategically: Consider pricing your home just below a rounded figure (e.g., $299,000 instead of $300,000). This can create the perception of a better deal and attract more interest.

4. Be Realistic: Set a price that reflects your home’s condition, location, and market demand. Be objective about any necessary repairs or updates and adjust your price accordingly.

5. Factor in Negotiation: Understand that buyers often expect some room for negotiation. Leave a bit of wiggle room in your asking price to accommodate this without sacrificing your bottom line.

6. Highlight Value: Emphasize the value your property offers, such as unique features, recent upgrades, or a desirable location, in your listing description.


1. Overprice Your Home: One of the biggest mistakes is setting an overly ambitious asking price. While you may have an emotional attachment to your property, it’s essential to be objective about its market value.

2. Ignore Market Trends: Failing to consider current market trends can lead to mispricing. A hot seller’s market may support a higher price, while a buyer’s market may require a more competitive asking price.

3. Skip the CMA: Relying solely on your intuition or what you paid for your home may lead to an inaccurate asking price. A comprehensive CMA is essential for making an informed decision.

4. Be Stubborn: If your home isn’t attracting interest after some time on the market, be willing to adjust your asking price. Sticking to an unrealistic price can deter potential buyers.

5. Base Price on Personal Attachment: Your emotional attachment to your home should not influence your asking price. Buyers are primarily concerned with the property’s condition and value.

6. Neglect the Competition: Keep an eye on similar properties in your neighborhood. If comparable homes are selling quickly at lower prices, it’s a strong indicator that you should adjust your price accordingly.

Setting the right asking price requires a balance between your financial goals and the market’s realities. By following these do’s and don’ts and seeking professional guidance, you’ll increase your chances of attracting the right buyers and achieving a successful sale.

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