Sell The House

Sеll The House – How tо Sеll The Hоuѕе Fast Evеrу home ѕеllеr wants tо sell the house fast fоr the mаximum price. Tо асhiеvе thiѕ it is imроrtаnt tо knоw whiсh rераirѕ аrе absolutely necessary and hоw tо рriсе it соmреtitivеlу tо sell the hоuѕе in thе ѕhоrtеѕt time. By planning carefully аnd sprucing … Continued

Nimitz Wholetail Final Update

336 Nimitz Wholetail Final Update Wholetail = buying a house that needs repairs and putting it on the MLS and selling as-is to a homeowner at a discounted price. This house finally sold on Aug 26th. Here are the details and why I love to Wholetail instead of doing full blown HGTV rehabs. (No offense … Continued

Nimitz Wholetail Update #3

336 Nimitz Wholetail Update #3  Well I had the yard cut 2 times since I’ve owned it and haven’t done anything else to it. We accepted a full price offer after two weeks on the market. I was going to pull it off the market and start the rehab but that offer came in. So … Continued

Nimitz Wholetail Update #2

Nimitz Wholetail Update #2 I posted Nimitz in the MLS as-is on 6/27/19. I have had 4 offers to owner finance and 1 full price cash offer but contingent on selling their current house. I haven’t had as much activity as I thought but it’s still early.

Nimitz Wholetail Update #1

Nimitz Wholetail Update #1 Before I put a house on the MLS I put a sign in the yard to judge the neighborhood market motivation. I put this sign up on Monday and have received 6 calls, 1 Showing and 1 offer to buy at full asking price of $115k That tells me that I … Continued

Sell Your House Fast

Sell Your House Fast “I need to sell my house in Dallas, and fast”, you have thought and fretted recently. Look no further because we are here to help you make the fastest sale possible. We Buy Houses FAST in Dallas-Fort Worth – Get a Fair Offer Now Regardless of the Condition, Price Range or … Continued

Anatomy of a Wholetail Real Estate Deal

Follow me as I lead you on my real estate journey from start to finish on a typical Wholetail deal. Normally on the TV flip shows they buy a house that needs repairs, spend thousands of dollars fixing it up while running into numerous problems and magically sell for a profit after 30 days. That’s … Continued

Some Deals You Lose Money

Sometimes I lose on these deals and this is one. I lost 💰 on this but learned a valuable lesson. I bought this house in Jan sight unseen for 10k. When I looked at it I immediately knew I made a mistake. The foundation was so uneven you couldn’t walk in the back bedroom, the … Continued

How to Sell Your House During a Recession

Hоw tо Sеll Yоur Hоuѕе During a Recession An есоnоmiс dоwnturn or a rесеѕѕiоn iѕ juѕt a normal part of lifе thаt one ѕhоuld live with. It may аffесt уоur invеѕtmеntѕ аnd buѕinеѕѕ dеаlingѕ but instead of wоrrуing about it, things can bе done tо mаkе a recession wоrk tо your advantage. Hоuѕе ѕеlling during … Continued